Professional Development

ISM-EVA is the affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) covering Eastern Virginia and other neighboring regions. The primary objectives are to provide educational opportunities and offer members an opportunity to be involved and interact at a regional / local level.

ISM-EVA provides a way for supply chain professionals to have an environment that will facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices centered on supply chain procurement. Through the support, development, and publicizing of educational activities, ISM-EVA offers a forum for idea exchange as well as opportunities for education that affect the local area. Educational resources are developed and initiated based on member feedback and the emerging trends for this industry. In addition, ISM-EVA supports other activities and resources that will benefit the membership. The next sections highlight some of the ways in which ISM-EVA has met the challenge to be a valuable facilitator and resource for all members:


ISM-EVA typically offers 8-12 educational and/or networking events throughout the year. Whether it be a world-class speaker, topic expert, educator, webinar, colleague, or other knowledgeable source, ISM-EVA is a source of educational opportunities that will help the membership improve their skills.


By active participation in the many ISM-EVA sponsored events, participants may be able to identify colleagues that share the same interests and challenges.  Hopefully, resources will be found that will help each other to tackle any future opportunities or issues.  Many of the events allow ample time for networking so that participants leave not only with additional knowledge, but also increase their professional contacts.


ISM-EVA’s website is a helpful resource tool that not only identifies information about the affiliate’s events and mission, but also serves as a repository of historical event information. The goal is to have the website evolve into an interactive tool that will serve as the focal point for bringing together members’ input and insight while serving as a single point of reference with links to other knowledge banks. The website is for the members and input from the membership is encouraged.

ISM International Conference

Join other ISM-EVA members at the annual conference. Typically in the April or May time frame, the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) hosts their Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit.  Keep a lookout for information on the various workshops that will be offered. These four days of supply management professional development, training and networking is a showcase event and the most widely attended of any ISM sponsored events.

ISM Indirect Conference

Co-sponsored by ISM and the ISM Indirect/Services Group, this Conference is designed for supply management professionals in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments who are responsible for not only acquiring Indirect Spend, such as services and MRO items, but also for developing the supply chain strategies that support the goals and objectives of the organization.  In addition to a program filled with Indirect related topics, this event provides an excellent networking environment that brings together people that share a common interest.

ISM & ISM Indirect/Services Group Webinars

These Webinars keep you connected to insights and discussions into the current trends and opportunities involved in procurement today.  These one (1) hour telephone events offer information about a variety of topics and are presented by industry leaders at no charge.