1. Q. Do you need to be in purchasing or supply chain to be a member?
    A. No. You just need to have an interest in supply chain management.

  2. Q. Is there a cost to join if you are a student?
    A. No. Full-time students may join at no charge.

  3. Q. I’m currently a member, but I just lost my job. Is there a way to maintain my membership to use the ISM resources in order to get a new job?
    A. Yes. ISM and ISM-EVA may extend your membership at no charge. Contact the ISM-EVA membership representative for more information.

  4. Q. I noticed that meetings tend to alternate between the Norfolk area and the Newport News areas. Why is this done?
    A. The meetings and events are rotated so that members living in other cities will have a more convenient travel to attend the meetings.

  5. Q. How do I join ISM-EVA?
    A. When signing up on the ISM website, make sure you select ISM-Eastern Virginia (ISM-EVA) as the affiliate you wish to belong.

  6. Q. If I join through ISM-EVA, will I still get all of the ISM benefits of membership?
    A. Yes. In addition you will help support the local affiliate and be available for any event discounts that may only be offered to ISM-EVA members.